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its 2013 can we please have headphones that last more than 2 months

its 2014 can we please have headphones that last more than 2 months

its 2015 can we please have a set of crab overlords that last more than two months

its 2016 can we please overthrow the crab empire people are suffering

its 2017 can we please reinstate the crab empire at least everyone had equal rights

its 2018 why aren’t there headphones that last more than 2 months yet

And just so you know, you're really talented. Even though I had no idea about your ideas and fanfics until this situation, you do seem really talented for your age. I refuse to believe you're 15! I mean, that's awesome. & Sure! I'll tell you when I've posted them officially (I have no idea what I'm doing, I actually published them on my FF account, I just did them on the spur of the moment and I did axe bechloehuh's story.). I'm pretty proud of myself! I did it mainly to say I did, lol.

The post where I mentioned this whole situation, I took that down. & I didn’t review on your story or leave you anon hate. If I was gonna hate though, I wouldn’t have put anon on, I would’ve let you know it was me lol. & I really don’t know the whole situation with bechloehuh so I can’t say anything.

But thank you, it means a lot to me :) & the only reason I asked to change the name was because if you did she’s become a whole new character .

(p.s. send me you FF account name)